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Our mission at Clinique Veterinaire Timberlea is to understand your pet needs and provide accurate guidance and advice. We can help you with numerous concerns, from puppy and kitten advice to behavioral and dietary consults to end of life discussions. We can also assist with determining the urgency of a situation and deciding whether your pet requires immediate care or alternatively provide some management at home.

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"Meet with a Veterinarian via Message"

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Messaging Session with a Veterinarian $40.00

Message Communication

  • Have an in-depth conversation with a Veterinarian via the messaging system within our platform
  • Enter questions that you'd like to discuss within the message consultation.
  • Attach any supporting videos, pictures, or documents for our professional to review.
  • Consultation summary provided upon completion. You can access your past consultation summaries at any time.
  • We will reply to your message within 24 to 48 hours. If you feel you have an emergency that can not wait, please contact us at the Clinic at 514-505-6555.
  • I understand that by accepting the use of this telemedicine service, I realize that limitations occur, and that this does not replace a full hands on physical exam. I realize that this can not be used for emergency consultations, and going to a vet clinic is recommended. I also accept that if my animal is not responding to treatment or recommendations, a re-evaluation at the clinic will be required
  • Requirements: Any device using Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. Do not use Internet Explorer.

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